Colleagues, there are now good conditions for bringing down well-developed catch crops. Across the country, night temperatures are -5, -6 degrees and daytime temperatures are not high. It is enough to pass the icy crop with field rollers, and this will provoke the beginning of dieback - the frozen water in the cells will destroy them under the pressure and the putrefactive process will begin.

On the other hand, the soil will not be stripped, but will be "covered" by the fallen biomass. There will be a heavy frost at the end of the month according to the forecast. As a reminder, it is a harmful practice to mix fresh green mass with soil (such as ploughing) because anaerobic putrefactive processes start inside the soil, which is not a suitable environment for beneficial micro-organisms. Only well-rotted organic matter, in the case of catch crops, or ripe and dried organic matter, as in stubble after harvest, can be mixed with soil.