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Hello colleagues, friends, current and future clients and viewers,

We are starting this blog as a new initiative to be closer to you, to your needs, problems, new successes and development.

Here we will try to cover many different topics from the world of agriculture - agronomic, agtechnical, we will bring to your attention current issues we have encountered during our travels around the country. We'll walk the fields looking for good and bad, looking for solutions or admiring successes. We'll introduce you to farmers and partners who have new technologies to share, or who have simply impressed us with their finesse and forward-thinking. Of course, we will also use this video blog to advertise - we will present our products - the seed brand SAATBAU LINZ - Austria, which we - Leader Consulting EOOD  represent in Bulgaria. We hope that everyone from the agricultural sector will find something interesting here that will add knowledge and value to their practice.

We wish you a successful and fruitful year.

The team of Leader Consulting EOOD