Common Vetch | VICIA SATIVA
• Spring vetch
• High yields of green mass
High crude protein content
Unpretentious and fast growing
Toplesa BG
The vetch is known as a valuable fodder plant with a number of advantages for crop rotation due to its botanical features. The deep root system, as well as the rapid initial development and the formation of a rich above-ground mass provide suppression of weeds, soil structuring and enrichment with nitrogen. Therefore, spring vetch is very suitable as a freezing intermediate crop on poorer soils.
Vetch is undemanding to the technology of cultivation.
For seed production, basic fertilization with phosphorus and potassium is desirable.
Agronomic Characteristics
Maturity mid - early -
Plant height high 2
Protein content high 3
Yield of green mass high  2
Sowing time for main crop February - April -
Sowing time for catch crop August - September -
Sowing density 12-15 kg/dca -
Sowing depth 4 – 6 cm -