MONI | Biological nitrogen factory

MONI is a darker, spotted vetchling - a special selection ofUniversity of Canada.
MONI has good water absorption efficiency, very resistant to drought and heat.
MONI has a strong initial development, which guarantees rapid formation of
soil cover and good suppression of weeds.

The special advantage of MONI is the increased nitrogen fixation.
Only after 8-12 weeks the MONI vetchling produces up to 15 kg
of nitrogen per decare.
60% of this nitrogen is absorbed the following season,
20% - the following year, and the remaining 20% is stored in the form of humus.

Characteristic of MONI is its high resistance to aphids due to the formation of
neurotoxins, which is why it is not suitable for feed.

Crops with vetchlings freeze completely.

Sowing standard - 6-8 kg/dca