WINTER OILSEED RAPE | Powerful and stable

• Open-pollinated variety
• Supreme potential
• Prolonged flowering
• Good disease tolerance

FINLEY is an open=pollinated variety with specific morphological features, characterized by a powerful habit and a specific shape of the leaves.
A big advantage is the fast early vigour and strong regenerative ability.

Powerful branched plants, long flowering and grain pouring, high tolerance of phoma and sclerotinia, as well as very good resistance to lodging are determining qualities for realizing the high and stable yield potential.
Agronomic Characteristics
Development after winter very good 2
Beginning of flowering early 2
Maturity medium - early 3
Plant height medium 3
Standability very good 3
Grain Quality
Raw fat in dry areas very high 2
Raw fat in humid areas very high 2
Glucosinolate content in μmol low -
Erucic acid free -
Yield Structure
Grain yield very high 2
Disease Tolerance
Phoma very good 2
Sclerotinia very good 2
Sowing time 25th August - 15th September
Sowing density, seeds per m2 60 - 70
Sowing depth 2 cm

1… very good, very early, very short, много резистентно; 9… много лошо/слабо, много късно, много висок / дълъг, неустойчив/не-толерантен.